Green Technology Business Park Feasibility


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The City of Shasta Lake commissioned a CDBG Planning and Technical Assistance-funded to the create of a small parcel business park specifically designed for clean and green technology businesses. The subject property consists of 22 acres of undeveloped land located near the northwest intersection of Pine Grove Avenue and Ashby Road in the City of Shasta Lake.

The property is currently owned by the McConnell Foundation. The City of Shasta Lake has had discussions with the Foundation which has been very receptive to the idea of the property being developed for job-creating purposes and agreed to conducting a feasibility study. Consequently, the City of Shasta Lake, Shasta Economic Development Corporation, and the McConnell Foundation requested and received funding to conduct this feasibility study.

Research and analyses has been conducted for background environmental records, issues, constraints and opportunities, infrastructure needs and financing resources, potential clean tech targets and related target income group (TIG) employment, and conceptual park designs have been created.

All steps involved in developing a proposed clean/green technology business park into a reality along with the recommendations from the consulting team's project research and analyses is summarized in this feasibility report. Additionally, action items for developing and marketing the park to companies within the identified targeted industries are included in this plan.

To put the targeted industries into perspective, it is important to understand that typically an industry sector consists of like industries or companies that operate in the same segment of the economy and are defined by specific NAICS codes. However, the "green industry sector" is not defined by a set of specific NAICS codes, instead it encompasses:

  •  Businesses that are directly involved in green industries with products and services that leverage clean energy sources, conserve natural resources, provide clean alternatives, and/or reduce pollution and repurposes waste; and
  •  Businesses that are "greening" their products, production processes, and supply chain. 

Businesses targeted for the proposed Green Technology Business Park include a broad spectrum of NAICS codes. Those identified as a best-fit for the City of Shasta Lake fall into the following categories.

  •  Energy Generation
  •  Energy Efficiency
  •  Energy Storage
  •  Air and Environment 
  •  Recycling and Waste
  •  Water and Wastewater
  •  Agriculture Support
  •  Energy Infrastructure 
  •  Green Building
  •  Energy Infrastructure
  •  Consumer Products
  •  All ideas welcome!

Great Opportunity for Developer

Since the study was complete in 2011, the demand for the Industrial Park was stagnant. However, currently the business climate has been thriving in Northern California, and we are seeing new businesses emerge and current businesses outgrow their space are in need of more room for expansion, now it is a great time to develop in our City. The City of Shasta Lake recognizes the importance of business partners in our community! Contact us to join our team to help businesses thrive and expand in our community.

This property is currently being marketed for Sale:Listing Broker:

Cox Real Estate Consultants
Janice C. Cunningham
(530) 242-8003
Email Janice C. Cunningham 

Documents of Study

City of Shasta Lake Green Tech Biz Park Feasibility (PDF)
BioWetland Screen Report (PDF)
App 1-Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (PDF)
App 3A_Innovating Green Economy in CA Regions (PDF)
App 3B_ACEEE 2010 Scorecard (PDF)
App 3C_Green New Black (PDF)
App 3D_Cleantech Ecosystems (PDF)
App 3E_Local Interview Results Report (PDF)
App 3F_Site Selector Interview Results Report (PDF)
App 3G_2010 CA Green Innovation Index (PDF)
App 3H_Job Trends 2010 (PDF)
Appendix 2 Conceptual Designs A-D revised (PDF)
Appendix 3 Clean Tech Market Analysis_112410 (PDF)
Appendix 4 Interview Results Report (PDF)
Appendix 5 Virtual and Special Building Programs (PDF)
Appendix 6 NAIOP Green Incentives that Work (PDF)
Appendix 7 Metro Comp (PDF)
Appendix 8 Web Generic ED Sitemap (PDF)
Appendix 9 Business Case and Case Studies (PDF)
Appendix 10 Ideal Site Location Proposal (PDF)
Appendix 11 Impact Model (PDF)
Appendix 12 EDsuite promo packet (PDF)
Appendix 13 Occupations and Training (PDF)

Other Documents



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