Development Services Department

Welcome to the Development Services Department. Our mission is to preserve the past while shaping the future to provide a safe, healthy, and attractive environment for growth.

The Development Services Department provides administrative oversight, support and coordination of the Economic Development, Building Department, Planning, Zoning, and Code Enforcement/Nuisance Abatement Divisions. The Department includes a Permit Counter for all development-related projects in the City.

Building Division
Office reviews plans, issues permits and inspects all phases of construction for compliance with applicable local and State codes.

Planning and Zoning Office
Office works diligently to process development applications and is constantly developing and sharpening a variety of planning tools to help clarify land use regulations, stimulate economic development, and ensure preservation of the City's neighborhood character and historic resources.

Code Enforcement - Nuisance Abatement
The Code Enforcement Division enforces Municipal, Zoning, and Building Codes on public and private property throughout the City. Code Enforcement works to administer a fair and unbiased enforcement program, improve the overall appearance of the City, and works with residents, neighborhood associations, public service agencies, and other City departments to facilitate voluntary compliance with City codes

Business Licenses
A Business license is an annual tax for doing business within the city limits of Shasta Lake. City of Shasta Lake Municipal Code requires that you obtain a license when you conduct any business activity within the City even if your business is located OUTSIDE the city limits or you have a business license from another city. Any business based in the City must have a license as well. This includes home-based businesses, building contractors, independent contractors, and non-profit businesses.

Commercial and Recreational Cannabis
The City of Shasta Lake currently allows commercial retailer, cultivation, manufacturing, and testing in specific zones within the city, subject to a set of regulations. City issued permits are required in order to obtain State licenses.