Fire Hazard and Fuel Reduction

The City of Shasta Lake and Shasta Lake Fire Protection District (SLFPD) are partners in fuel reduction projects around the City.  Both the City and SLFPD take the matter of educating property owners regarding the need for fire fuel reduction activities to protect structures and to prevent the spread of fire on vacant land.  The goal of the SLFPD program is to work with property owners to reduce wildfire risk, and ultimately protect resident’s lives and property.  

SLFPD is the lead agency on the weed abatement notices, and the City is working proactively with the District to ensure fuel reduction projects meet the standards set forth within the City of Shasta Lake Municipal Code. Staff supports the District’s efforts to bring properties into compliance with state law on maintaining defensible space and vegetation management, while also considering environmental impacts and tree conservation. 

To clarify property owner responsibilities and expedite fuel reduction projects, the following checklist is to outline the standards for exempt vegetation management activity on property where SLFPD has issued an abatement order for fire safety. (This is not required for properties that contain Single-Family residences).

  1. Provide Before and After Pictures to the Shasta Lake Fire Protection District. 
  2. Follow the appropriate SLFPD fuel treatment standards and SLPFD Ordinance No 19-01   (All clearing shall comply with the State Board of Forestry and Fire Protection’s General Guidelines for Creating Defensible Space).
  3. Creating defensible space as required by SLFPD does not include grading nor the removal of "protected" trees 10 inches at breast height or greater (Municipal Code 12.36 Tree Conservation), unless otherwise required for required fire clearance.  Where tree removal is required, Contractor/Property owner shall remove trees in such a manner to preserve Heritage/Large Trees and provide a variety of tree ages.  Please note: Gray Pines are not a protected tree.
  4. Access to City Right-of-way (ROW):  The road buffer between the private property line and City ROW roadside, may be encroached without an encroachment permit for fuel reduction activities.   If there is any reason to block traffic, contact Public Works at (530) 275-7423 on issuance of encroachment permit.
  5. For parcels less than ten acres in size, all work shall extend no further than 30 feet into the property, as measured from the nearest property line. For parcels that exceed 10 acres in size, work shall extend no further than 100 feet into the property, as measured from the nearest property line. If you wish to clear vegetation outside the 100’ fuel zone, remove trees, or grade, please contact City of Shasta Lake Planning Department to receive appropriate permits (530) 275-7416.
  6. All fuel reduction activities must avoid all sensitive biological, cultural, and historic resources.  If property contains sensitive areas, please clearly mark and avoid.
  7. Use of equipment:   Hand crews and light equipment, such as rubber tracked skid loaders with a masticator attachment are allowed. Utilization of heavy equipment such as dozers and excavators are not allowed without further approvals from the SLFPD.

Fuel Break1Fuel Break2

Visit our GIS Map Viewer to access the Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zone map.