Summit City Wastewater Feasibility Study

Summit City Wastewater Feasibility Study - Public Meeting Flyer

The City’s existing wastewater collection system provides service to approximately 3,800 accounts and consists of about 54 miles of pipe which terminate at the WWTP south of Pine Grove Avenue. The collection system also includes six (6) sanitary sewer lift stations.

A large portion of the western side of the City (the Summit City area) is not currently served by the existing wastewater collection system and instead relies on septic systems. Due to the age, lack of ongoing maintenance, and restrictive County and state regulations for repairing and replacing existing septic systems, the City has determined that a feasibility study for converting the project area from septic to sewer is warranted. The City has received Regional Early Action Planning (REAP) grant funding in order to complete this study.

As a result of this study, design alternatives shall be considered for future construction to complete the existing wastewater collection system and make wastewater services accessible to most parcels within the City limits.

For more information, or to provide input, please contact Shelby Millingar:

  1. Project Timeline
  2. Public Involvement
  3. Funding
  4. Project Deliverables

November 2022 - Award Consultant Services Contract

February 2023 - Public Outreach

May 2023 - Draft Feasibility Study

October 2023 - Final Feasibility Study

December 2023 - City Council Acceptance and Study Completion