City Clerk


The City Clerk is responsible for a broad range of administrative and legislative functions; acting as a compliance officer for federal, state and local statutes, including the Political Reform Act, the Brown Act, and the Public Records Act. Main responsibilities of the City Clerk include:

  • Preparing, maintaining and distributing City Council and various Committee meeting agenda packets.
  • Preparing and maintaining the archive of all city legislative actions (Minutes of proceedings, Resolutions and Ordinances), ensuring accessibility, transparency and continuity.
  • Responding to public records requests.
  • Local Elections Official as specified by State law and works in conjunction with Shasta County for consolidation of municipal elections.
  • Filing Officer under the Political Reform Act.
  • Posting and publication of legal notices, including public hearing notices, so that all interested parties have an opportunity to participate.
  • Maintaining and updating the Municipal Code, policy documents, and Council Handbook on a continuing basis.
  • Conducting bid openings.
  • Receiving claims against the City.
  • Accepting petitions for initiatives, referendums and recall.
  • Establishing and administering records management policies.

Fair Political Practice Filings

The Mayor and City Council members are elected officers identified in Government Code Section 87200 and are required to file statements of economic interest forms with the City Clerks Office. Copies of the statements filed by the City Council may be obtained by visiting the Fair Political Practices Commission, located: 1102 Q Street, Suite 3000, Sacramento, CA 95811 or the Office of the City of Shasta Lake City Clerk located at 4477 Main Street, Shasta Lake, CA 96019.

Click here City of Shasta Lake elected officials identified in Section 87200: