Public Works


The employees of the Public Works Department are dedicated to leading the water and wastewater utility by protecting our environment and natural water resources, relying on innovative operating and maintenance processes, and providing the highest possible level of service and support to all our customers. To provide an acceptable quality of life for the community with adequate storm-water drainage systems, safe roads, and the maintenance and beautification of city-owned rights-of-way, and to coordinate and implement superior customer service and creditable project management.

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Water Distribution

The Water Distribution division has two components

  1. Water Installation - Installation of residential water service lines and water meters.
  2. Water Preventative Maintenance - Maintenance and repair of water meters, water valves, fire hydrants, air release valves, and all other appurtenances that comprise the water distribution system

Wastewater Collection

The Wastewater Collection division is divided into four work units:

  1. Sewer Installation - Installation of sewer service lines.
  2. Sewer Preventative Maintenance - Maintenance and repair of sewer mains, sewer valves, air release valves, and all other appurtenances that comprise the collection system.
  3. Lift Station - Repairs, preventative maintenance, and rehabilitation of all city-owned lift stations.
  4. Inflow and Infiltration - Gravity sewer main inspections and cleaning, point repairs, and manhole rehabilitation.

Streets and Drainage

  • The City of Shasta Lake requires any homeowner, contractor, or utility company working within the public right-of-way to obtain an encroachment permit.  Please contact the Permit Center at (530) 275-7430 for more information.
  • California state law requires that Underground Service Alert North be contacted two working days prior to any excavation within the public right-of-way.  USA North can be reached at 811 or at 1-800-227-2600.
  • No construction debris or stockpiling of materials shall be placed in the street or within the public right-of-way.