Efficiency and Rebates

The City of Shasta Lake manages a comprehensive energy and efficiency incentive program for residential & commercial customers focusing on peak load reduction and energy conservation. For residential customers, rebates are offered for the installation of various energy efficiency measures. For commercial customers, rebates are available for upgraded lighting, HVAC equipment, and in cases where an analysis is performed rebates can be offered for additional equipment that reduces energy use and/or demand.

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Residential Customer Programs:

Energy Efficiency Hotline/Program Overview: A toll free line is available for customers to answer questions and provide information on energy efficiency and energy savings-related matters. 1-855-516-2105

Free Energy Audits: On-site energy audits by Shasta Lake energy specialists are available to residential customers. Energy efficiency measures are recommended based on each audit and the city personnel follow up with additional visits to answer questions and make additional recommendations, if requested. 

Rebate Program: Comprehensive technical support and incentives to facilitate installation of higher efficiency cooling and refrigeration equipment, envelope measures, appliances, weatherization, and lighting. 

The following forms are for the rebates currently being offered:

Kill a Watt Power Meter: Residents can check out a P3 Kill a Watt power meters for no charge and for up to 15 days. These meter will help display the total consumption of 120 volt appliances, to help residents understand which appliances in their homes consume the most energy. Simply complete a Kill a Watt Application and submit it to the Customer Service Department to receive a meter at no cost. Kill a Watt Application (PDF)

Shasta Lake Demand Reduction Programs: Since 2009, Tantalus remote-read meters have been rolled out to nearly every customer. It is anticipated that this remote meter reading system would allow the City to implement an interruptible load program, time-of-use metering, and other such programs.

Energy Efficiency Goals and Progress

Energy Efficiency Goals and Progress (PDF)

Commercial Customer Program

Rebate Program: The following forms are available for rebates offered.