Building Division

The Building Division has primary responsibility for plan review and field inspections of buildings to safeguard life, health, safety and public welfare. Responsibilities of the Department include:

  • Regulating local and state laws related to building construction, maintenance, use, repair and rehabilitation, and enforcement of all building codes
  • Issuing building, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and demolition permits
  • Providing plan checks for all new construction
  • Inspecting housing code complaints
  • Inspecting commercial operations and issuing certificates of occupancy

Building Inspections

To request a Building Inspection, call the Inspection Request Line at (530) 275-7430. When possible, all inspections requested prior to 7:00 AM will be completed that same day.

When making your request, the following information must be provided:

  • Permit number
  • Permittee name
  • Property address or location
  • Type of inspection needed
  • Date inspection needed

Residential Building Permit Submittal Procedure - Effective July 1, 2020

The Building Division of the City of Shasta Lake has amended the residential building permit submittal process for new construction. Our goal is to increase efficiency for the benefit of applicants and City staff and to expedite the review process. All sets of building plans can now be submitted directly to the Building Division.

The department will distribute required documents to reviewing agencies and review by these agencies will take place simultaneously. After all comments have been received by those reviewing agencies, the Building Division may issue a permit if all reviews are in favor of the submitted plans.

Each submittal requires one complete paper set and one complete electronic set of construction plans and all required documents. Please see the information below for a complete list of documents required for submittal to the City of Shasta Lake Building Division.



All submittals require one electronic set and one full paper set of the documents listed below, unless otherwise noted. Submittals will not be considered complete until we have received the required electronic documents. 

  • Plan Check Fee
  • Construction Plans
  • Floor Plans (minimum 11 inches by 17 inches)
  • Site Plans, 1 paper copy (minimum 11 inches by 17 inches)
  • Truss Calcs
  • Energy Calcs - Mechanical CF1R
  • Manual J & D or Manual S Compliance Report
  • Structural Calcs, wet stamped (when applicable)
  • Brace Wall Line Calcs
  • Concrete Mix Design
  • Construction Waste Plan
  • Subcontractor List
  • MS4 – Stormwater Pollution Prevention Guide (link below) MS4 - Sample Packet Fillable
  • Fire Suppression System Plans, 2 full paper sets & 1 electronic set submitted to the Shasta Lake Fire Protection District
  • Check made payable to Shasta Lake Fire Protection District for plan review


  • Check made payable to Shasta Lake Fire Protection District for Fire District Impact Fee
  • School Fee Receipt
  • Septic Systems require approval from Shasta County Environmental Health
  • Solar System Plans - Electronic version and one paper set of all required documents all Cut Sheets, and documents required by City of Shasta Lake Municipal Utility (link below)