Solid Waste

What Goes in Each Bin?

Gray Bin: plastic utensils, straws, plastic wrap, glass ware, snack bags, snack wrappers, diapers, pet poop, Styrofoam, and all other non-organic, non-recyclable waste.

Blue Bin: card board, paper, aluminum cans, glass bottles, plastic bottles, jars, plastic food containers, ground up Styrofoam, plastic toys, aluminum foil and trays, cartons, glass jars, plastic cups, mail, magazines, paper bags, shredded paper, empty aerosol cans, wrapping paper, and paper food boxes.

Green Bin: branch trimmings, grass clippings, leaves, food waste, food soiled paper, non-hazardous wood waste, flowers, and weeds.

Call Waste Management for disposal options of: toxic products, electronics, paint, bulbs, batteries, motor oil, needles and syringes, and propane tanks.

Return or Reuse: plastic bags or paper bags.

Donate Reusable Items: small appliances, clothes, furniture, kitchen supplies, blankets, and all other textiles.

Any questions regarding recycling, please contact: